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Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple: we want to strengthen the crypto community and help guide it towards mainstream adoption, by providing a ‘warm heart’ in the trading wilderness – a place where you can come to learn all the latest and best trading info and news, a place where you can avoid scams, where you can catch up with your favourite pros and public figures, and above all where you can come to have fun and be entertained. At 21C we have big plans for the future of Crypto, and we want you to join us in helping guide this social and economic movement in the most constructive and positive way possible. If we work together, the decentralised future will be a very bright place for us all indeed.

Meet The Team

Team 21C came together after we realised the world of Crypto needed something to take away the confusion and struggle of those new to the industry. We wanted to create a context from which the inexperienced and experienced alike can trust to provide them with information that has no agenda and no intentions beyond helping individual traders, and strengthening the community at large. Universally, we all care deeply about the future of our world, and of every person on it, and so we want to do what we can to make things a little easier, and a little better for everyone. Our team introduce themselves below:


CEO and Editor-in-Chief

My ultimate goal is to create positive change in the world – and 21C is the first of hopefully many projects that will achieve this. My interests and future projects include: The Cryptocurrency movement, social and emotional education through tech product development, decentralised education, post-human medical and tech development, social movement projects centering around support for the vulnerable/homeless/elderly, and creating a framework for advancing widespread interpersonal communication skills. My original goal was to write a novel series, so need to fit that in somewhere…


Creative Director

I am predominantly a product designer and entrepreneur, although I have branched out into many other creative fields, having done my degree in theatre and film production. I joined the 21C team to help grow and develop the business, with a specific eye on the design. Cryptocurrency for me is a step in the direction of globalisation and a more free society.


Production Manager

Graduated at Escola Superior Artística do Porto in Visual Arts – Photography.
Although currently I do nothing related to my degree, I’ve always had an interest in technology and in literature in general. After a hack back in 2016 I decided to research cryptocurrencies and later got involved in 21 Cryptos as co-founder and production manager. My job is to be in charge of content and to make sure everything’s ready to be published.



An independent graphic designer who communicates effective visual information beautifully, with a deep fascination for how design influence people and society on the side. Really just one of those millennials who design things and sip soy lattes. Can’t grow a beard.



I started my love affair with cryptocurrencies at a Bitcoin ATM in a gas station while buying lottery tickets. I am a former Midwesterner, now living in the Southeast United States and working in both the insurance and publishing industries. My passions include meeting new people, having a good laugh, and spreading the bitcoin gospel.


Social Media Manager

Hi All! I’m CryptoHulley, the 21 Cryptos Social Media Manager. Just thought I’d introduce myself a bit. I recently became involved with the world of Cryptocurrency, and have a keen interest in the socio-political aspects of our community – so the merge of Social Media and 21 Cryptos is the perfect mix for me. I love exploring, climbing mountains, buying every piece of smart tech from bulbs to kettles, and I also support Daenerys Targaryen for the Iron Throne.
I’m ready and waiting for your comments, queries and technical questions!


Well, now you’ve met the team! We’re expanding uber fast, so check back regularly to meet the many new members we’re likely to add soon!


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