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Welcome to 21 Cryptos Magazine’s official blog!

This is our first ever blog post, so we’ll be breaking out the champagne delivery as soon as we click publish!

Firstly, if you don’t know who we are – we’re the world’s first Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin traders magazine. Each month in our magazine we – and our elite team of over 20 of the world’s best crypto traders and experts – give you the lowdown on what coins are hot and not, share the latest events and market action, give you some great articles and entertainment – plus we help you develop your skills with our various series of trading lessons on fundamental and technical analysis.

The magazine was part 1 of our mission in Cryptoland, and now we can launch part 2: our blog spots and article library! We aim to create a Crypto Hub that will offer new traders and experienced ones alike a place to go to get involved with the community, and to keep up to date with everything going on in the wonderful world of Crypto. With your help, we’ll do what we can to create a warm heart for the community of this blossoming new industry.

So keep checking back as this area of our site develops and improves over the coming weeks. We’ll have some of the most sought after content in this space – from the latest pro blogs, vlogs and video content, to the top podcasts, articles, and entertainment.

Now, on to this blog…

Coming up, we’ll give you an update of the cryptocurrency markets and general sentiment, we’ll throw in some poll results from our community, and we’ll share what the pro traders are saying about bitcoin at the moment. We’ll also share our regular features: which podcast or vlog to take a look at, which pro trader to give a follow, and we’ll review some of the latest coin wins/losses. First, lets take a look at the market.

What’s Bitcoin Doing?

So it’s safe to say the market’s been pretty terrible of late. Since xmas we’ve been in a steady downtrend. Bitcoin hit $6000, and then gave us all a lovely bit of false hope by rising over $10,000 briefly, before the inevitable fall back to the $7000s. Right now Bitcoin is swinging between $8000 and $9000. This is a crucial time to see whether we’ll dip down further, or rise up past $10,000. Either way could dictate how the next few weeks or months may play out. Fingers crossed we’ll be in for a bullish April.

Still, if Bitcoin does head south…

Guess there’s always gold. That’s safe, right?

What’s the Altcoin Market Doing?

Not much of note. Seriously. You could have watched the markets all day every day this week and never found a good entry unless you either get very lucky, or are already a pro trader. Or you have some seriously stacked reserves of good Karma the universe sees fit to dip into. Or maybe we’re all terrible traders here and you’ve all become wildly rich this week without us knowing. That’s a distinct possibility.

Still, most of you seem to want to hold on to your precious coins…

What’s the Community Saying?

We’ll censor the worst of the foul language and generally angry sentiment. (Yeah it’s really that bad). Lots of fights breaking out with unhappy traders and annoyed bagholders. Crypto Twitter is a little like a warzone (Ok it’s a lot like a warzone but we don’t want to be sensationalist). It reminds us of one of those unbearably hot days at the peak of summer where everyone’s acting chill but really behind the fake smiles and sweaty brows they’re trying to keep their s**t together lest they look at someone the wrong way and WWIII breaks out.

But whatever’s going down, we’re all still safely obsessed with Bitcoin. Some things never change.

Crypto Community Polls 

Community polls are not just entertaining, they’re important to our trading skills as well – by understanding what the market at large is thinking at any given time, we can learn to anticipate what will happen next based on current sentiment, and hopefully come out on top with our trades.

Lets take a look at what we asked our community this week:

Which would you prefer? 1 Bitcoin now? 25 Bitcoins in a year? 75 Bitcoins in 5 years? or 175 Bitcoins in 10 years?

Are you Bearish or Bullish on Crypto?

What’s your Crypto trading style during this bear market?

A poll to see how many of you have stuck around… when did you buy your first Cryptocurrency?

Google’s following suit with Facebook and banning all Cryptocurrency ads. What did you all think about it? No more scammy ICO ads – yay! No more 21 Cryptos ads? Not so yay…

What are the Pros saying?

We’ve heard from the community, and now we want to hear from the pros. These people represent our space, and are veritable celebrities who don’t just reflect market sentiment, they sometimes even dictate it.

Not necessarily a Crypto Pro.. but the Twitter CEO is probably worth mentioning…

Could be a false start on the Altseason…

This chart shows Bitcoin’s going for it…

A positive sign for Altseason?

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News and Updates

There’s never a dull moment in the wonderful world of Crypto. One of the great things about this space is the level of excitement and drama as events unfold on a daily basis. Lets take a look at a couple of the more recent events that had people talking:

Coinbase partners with UK bank Barclays! This is damn good news, and brings us one step closer to mainstream adoption.

Congressional Hearing happened on the topic of Crypto. Lots of views from both sides.

People weren’t too happy about some of the things that were said:

Never a dull moment in Cryptoland!

Featured Crypto / Bitcoin Podcast

In each of our update posts we’ll feature a popular Podcast of Vlog that focusses on the Crypto world. Audio and video content is a great way to learn more about the space without having to do any heavy technical reading – and the information found is much easier to assimilate and use than trawling Twitter and filtering out all the noise.

In this post we recommend you take a look at Peter McCormack’s Podcast: What Bitcoin Did. This week he talks to Kyle Samani, managing partner at @multicoincap

Visit Peter at www.whatbitcoindid.com and listen to his many other podcasts for some of the best interviews in Cryptoland.

Featured Cryptocurrency Trader

In each update post we’ll feature a trader or popular public figure in the Crypto industry. Knowing who to follow and why is invaluable – there’s more than a few scams and bad actors out there who will want to use your ‘follow’ to earn money at your expense.

This week we recommend you give Ivan S. (CryptoGat) a follow on Twitter: @CryptoGat

He has his finger on the pulse of Crypto – he’ll help you find some low cap gems, share some great charts and news, and generally help you have fun with your trading adventure. One of the most professional and active guys around. Check out his weekly market analysis on YouTube: https://youtu.be/3wGhsPWrmlE

Oh, he’s also a McChicken enthusiast.

What’s Up With These Coins?

Lets take a look at what coins have weathered the storm, or been swept away by it.

ICON ($ICX) is up 73% this week

…While NEM ($XEM) is down 20%

Well, that’s unexpected.

That’s all folks

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first blog post! Let us know what you think, any and all feedback welcome.

Lets leave you with a bit more hope… Is #altseason round the corner?

Ok, after this terrible trading week we have to end things with a Crypto meme…

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May the Crypto odds be ever in your favour… Watch this space, and happy trading!

All the best from V, Ananke, Iris, Colleen, Tiff, Jamie, and the whole 21C team.

P.s. – if you’d like us to host your blog, or would like to submit an article to our library, please drop us a line at [email protected], or visit us on Twitter: @21cryptos

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