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Issue 6 Is Here!

It’s time you beat the Bear market and prepare for Altseason!

Lets see what April has in store in this awesome issue packed full of goodies…

So firstly, our redesign is continually improving. We’ve added a lot more images and features, and we now also have interactive clickable links in the PDF so you can go directly to your fav pros or sites we mention.

Our Features

Top 21 Coins to Watch

We’ve got our top 21 coins to watch for the month ahead – and there’s a lot of different ones we haven’t featured before this time. We give you a whole page of analysis for each coin, including graphs, pro quotes, upcoming events, coin backgrounds and catch-ups, competition, where to buy, and a host of scoring fields. Perhaps Altseason really is on the way?

Coin Event Calendar

Our Coin Event Calendar is crammed full of possible price-action dates to watch as well – check it out to see which coins are having events such as coin burns, exchange listings, and conferences.

Pro Features

A Lesson with the Tutor

We’ve got a Technical Analysis lesson with CryptoTutor – this month he teaches us about Bull and Bear charts. If you want to up your TA game, check out his latest lesson!

Joe’s ICOs

In Joe’s ICOs we see one of his top ICO choices for April, and get an in-depth analysis of the project.

The Confidence Trick

There’s a guest article today by James Harle on the hunt for a true Stablecoin, which gives us a great lesson into the history of currency in general.

Florian’s Security Primer

Security is vital in this industry – check out the best way to secure your assets in this invaluable series by one of Crypto’s top security experts.

Where Will This Be In 10 Years?

We have an article from V on the future on predicting where Crypto will be in 10 years time, based on an analysis of previous technological advancements.

Notsofast’s Mining Series

And then we have the one and only… it’s Notsofast’s final article in his mining guide series! One of our most popular features, this holds many mining secrets only a select few know.

Puzzle Page!

For the first time we have a puzzle page from the charity coin PinkCoin, solve this super tricky encoded puzzle to win lots of money (in the form of $pink). There are no clues though… this is expert mode.

The Decentraladies Featurette

In this week’s featurette, the Decentraladies – Iris interviews Jennifer Leigh, we learn more about Pamela’s journey to Crypto in her Diary feature, and we explore more of Crypto Culture and the recent Twitter censorship bans with Desiree.

The Coin Brief Featurette

We have The Coin Brief featurette with Pamela and Burger, interviewing a popular coin project’s team, and writing an in-depth analysis on what they’re all about.


We also have our All-star Pro Picks section! Find out which coins the our 10 pro traders are watching in April, and why.

Fundamental Analysis with Bulldog

We’ve got a brand new Fundamental analysis lesson from Bulldog on Strategy, and an analysis of a coin he’s watching at the moment – so if you want to learn how to analyse the core concepts of a coin then look no further.

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Hope you enjoy, and may the trading odds be ever in your favour!

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