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Where Will This All Be In 10 Years?

Let’s break it down…

We can safely say that the vast majority of you reading this now believe in the power of cryptocurrency.

You, the Crypto collective, have vastly different backgrounds. Some of you may have just started your adventure in this wonderful and intoxicating world, and want to learn everything you possibly can. Some of you may have been trading a year – you may have taken a loss, or you may have earned some serious money – but either way you’ve stuck around. We salute you – the most difficult time is now over. If you’re still reading, you’re probably here to stay.

Some of you reading this have been around for years, perhaps even from the genesis of this industry. You’re the Bitcoin OGs (That stands for Original Gangstas, for those of you new to the term). You’re the most experienced people in this field, and more than anyone, you most probably believe in the future of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and everything in between.

But the fact is we’re not there yet, and none of us know what is to become of this field we’ve all been seduced by.

From now on, lets refer to this metaphorical place (The Cryptocurrency industry) as ‘Cryptoland’. There’s many different names for this industry, but lets face it – most are boring or a bit of a mouthful. What separates us from the mindset of a certain demographic of the generation before us – those who don’t believe in Bitcoin, and think this is all a big waste of time and money – is fun. We, the Crypto collective, know how to have a good time.

We get financial advice from Ham Cats, we listen to empty beer bottles, and we use the most ludicrous and hilarious avatars and personas to express ourselves through (Yes, Crypto Twitter is a weird place). And we’re making money. And we’re progressing the industry. We’re not failing, we’re succeeding, so I think it’s safe to say that we’re allowed to have some fun. So that said, Viva La Cryptoland!

So where do we think this is all going? Sure, this whole thing could all fall flat on its face tomorrow and we’d be out of luck, money, and in some cases a job. But that’s probably not going to happen (touch wood – not to jinx it – please let us have fun Crypto gods). What’s probably going to happen is that Cryptocurrency will slowly create a tokenised future where everything financial is a helluva lot easier to do.

But we don’t want to go on assumptions. In this space that’s a great way to lose all your money. We want logic. So while all this is still opinion, lets see what the most likely future is…

What other industries can we draw a parallel to?

So! One of the ways of predicting what will happen in the future of any given field is by looking at other, similar fields and systems and seeing how they progressed from inception to world domination. We could go way way back to the time of gunpowder, or better yet – the wheel. Perhaps even to the time when apes first discovered how to hit other apes with sticks. But it’s probably more useful to use modern analogies.

Personal Automobiles & Railway systems

What was the purpose?

To save time and money getting from A to B.

What was the result?

They increased transport speed to such an extent that the world was changed within a few short years. Everyone could go wherever they wanted to go, in a fraction of the cost and time. People could visit their family and friends more, they could work further away, they could get to services faster. The world was much better because of this tech, and people haven’t looked back since.

The internet

What was the purpose?

To increase knowledge sharing and communication

What was the result?

In around 30 years, the internet has taken over every aspect of our lives. Most people born after the year 2000 wouldn’t be able to function well in a world without the internet. We’re completely reliant on it in almost every way, and our communication and knowledge sharing has reached inconceivable heights.

Digital bank/card payments

What was the purpose?

To enable more economic and transactional freedom – e.g. to save time and money, and open up new avenues of purchasing.

What was the result?

Without generalising too much – everyone uses card payments these days, and to revert to purely physical currency would be metaphorical (and probably literal) hell on earth.


What was the purpose?

Higher quality entertainment experiences, with easier use and longer shelf life.

What was the result?

What’s a cassette? Did I spell that right? Meh.

(Ironically cassettes are coming back into fashion now…)

Mobile communication devices (smart phones)

What was the purpose?

Originally, to make mobile communication possible. Now, to act as a digital framework for controlling our lives in every way.

What was the result?

Outside of institutions – we communicate, experience, and learn almost exclusively with our smart phones. The time between creation and propagation of a new tech idea is getting shorter…


What is the purpose?

Increasing economic communication speed, flexibility, and personal control of any transaction, and enabling global token/value based ecosystems. In other words – saving TIME and MONEY and increasing CAPABILITY of global trade and asset communication.

What will the result be?

Judging on the previous examples, the results will likely be that our future will be tokenised. It saves us time and money, and increases the capabilities of trade and communication. And it will probably happen faster than any of us realise.

What’s the general trend of Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin?

The general trend of Cryptocurrency market movement, social awareness, and consumer and business adoption is UP. Enough said.

Who’s going to be pushing this tech?

The new generation who value using speed and conserving time. Millenials want things faster than before, and darn it we’re going to get it. This may sound morbid, but every day that goes by – the pool of those who have ‘new world’ views increases, because newer generations are born, and the older generations, well… pass on to the next world.

So not only do we have newer and more tech savvy generations pushing this tech at an increasingly higher level – we have a greater number of these folks too. Simple maths and logic here show that unless a large variable enters the mix, this will continue to happen – and the support for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency will only get stronger.

Do we want it to happen?

We really, really do. Though honestly – most people who actively trade in this industry probably value the pursuit of money more than the underlying tech. But that’s not a bad thing. Sure, some people will be money-grabbing soulless di**heads, but I’d argue that the vast majority just want to live a good life. They want to put food on the table for themselves and their families.

They want to make their own personal world a better place.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a reflection of the unbalanced world we live in that people are wanting to become increasingly more empowered in their own financial lives – they don’t trust the governments to look after them as much anymore, and they’re slowly beginning to realise this simple fact: we’re all hurtling along on a rock in space, with little to no context about why we’re here, where we’re going, and what will happen to us all – and the people in charge of us have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. We, need to take control over our lives, and we need to do it soon.

What if it doesn’t happen?

Well, as a race we’ll continue along this path, stagnate, and deal with the same old issues we’re dealing with each and every day. There’s very little chance of any given society not using a superior technology once it’s been invented/discovered. The only main reasons that hinder things are war, natural disaster, and oppression by the ‘rulers’ in power. Lets hope none of those 3 things come into play.

What if it does happen?

The future will be much easier, and we’ll all have a helluva lot more personal freedom. While we don’t know exactly what will happen or how we’ll get there – a useful exercise is to look far into the future to any time period that will have the propagation of whatever change you’re looking for, and then, while viewing that new world with your minds eye, in all its perfect glory – work backwards and see how that world would have been created.

With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, there are a lot of obstacles and variables before things go properly mainstream. What will it mean for governments and the control of citizens? How will tax be instated? What will happen to class systems? What will happen to corporate power monopolies?

Is it going to happen?

It’s very, VERY likely to happen, and soon. Not only do new and innovative technologies that solve huge problems in our world take off fast – they take off faster the further along the timeline we get. 20-30 years was the norm, but now look at how fast things are developing. DVDs, Mobile phones, solar power, digital TV, VR, it’s all speeding up. We’re a few years into Blockchain tech already, so in 10 years, where do you all think we’ll be? 

We don’t have the answers, but if you really think about it, is there anything too large to be overcome? We use digital payments already, and our lives have changed in every way possible with the internet – and these things are arguably much more of a social and practical change than the proposed widespread use of blockchain. Sometimes it’s easy for us, the ones inside this blossoming industry, to lose perspective on what’s really going on – but when Crypto does go mainstream, the world will be probably be excited for a while, and then it’ll just adapt and go about its business, and all fears will be put to rest.

Lets make it happen!

We’re each responsible for taking Cryptocurrency mainstream. The path to a tokenised future isn’t from A to B here, it’s A to Z, with a hundred thousand decisions and destinations in between each letter – and it’s certainly not guaranteed that we’ll get there fast. But the more we normalise Crypto trading, the more we talk to our friends and family – not about the quick bucks we make – but about the tech and this vision of the future we all share, the more the wider world will accept that Cryptocurrency is in all of our futures, and is here to stay.

Hope you enjoyed the read. See you soon, you wonderful inhabitants of Cryptoland!

– Written by V

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