Calling all ladiesIn the name of representation

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Your voice and your story matters.

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is full of easily accessible information. It is possible to do your own research and grapple with topics ranging from economics, to technology, psychology, current news, and history. Because those involved in this work value decentralization and transparency, it means literally anyone can access what is needed to better understanding this emerging technology.

This provides a terrific opportunity for those who have found themselves marginalized in financial and technological spaces and for those who have typically been blocked from investing or making decisions about their investments. If this is you, welcome! If not, thank you for taking the time to consider what efforts can be made to create an inclusive and diverse space.  Recognize that women are marginalized from technology fields to various degrees coming depending on the area of the world you are. This article in May’s issue of 21 Cryptos goes more in depth in to this issue.

I am collecting submissions and will share them in the name of representation. It made a difference for me every time I heard a woman’s story and I want to hear yours. Record and send me a video with your story.

How did you get introduced to this world? What is your involvement? What do you think about it? What was it like when you purchased your bitcoin? What are your plans?


The first in this series of “Represent” videos. Desiree is an important influencer in the world of crypto and blockchain. What all started with Reddit and Dogecoin, has led her to advocate for banking for unbanked women.

She is one of the first people I started following on crypto twitter (@dickerson_des) and I have watched her speak on several panels, represent at Moinblockchain in Hamburg, and handle a nasty case of identity theft and harassment on Twitter with power and grace. I admire her determination to increase informed participation in the crypto space and the ways she is helping to shape this emerging technology. We should all be grateful that she is using her many time and talents to make a positive impact on the world.


Lawyer up. In this second episode of “Represent”, Smirti shares her journey with us and what she is up to now; positioning herself to shape public policy around crypto and blockchain technology. Look out for her because she is making moves.

As a trader, she has learned some hard lessons. “I have never absorbed so much information ever before then that I have absorbed after stepping in to this space… There is such a free exchange of knowledge.” Find her on twitter @DeepDoodles0. She provides fresh insight and funnies.

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