Crypto MeditationTwo minute guided meditation for crypto traders

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Breathe in...buying the dip, blockchain, green candles, satoshi….
Breathe hacks, shadow banning, red candles, bitconnect

Want a cure for fomo? The practice of mindfulness can provide you an edge in every aspect in life, including trading. Traders often attribute their success to their ability to control their emotions and stick to their plan. Studies show that daily mindful practice results in control of one’s emotions.

There are a ton of aps with guided meditations (Stop, Breathe, Think is my favorite) or you can take it further and enroll in Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction (MSBR) course like the online program offered by Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Program.

In the time of a bear market, we all need to look out for our mental well-being. Crypto trader, this is for you with love.

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