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What’s Inside May’s Edition of 21Cryptos…

Howdy folks! Thanks for stopping by. Lets take a look at what’s inside our wonderful new Edition of 21Cryptos Magazine. We’ve certainly got some treats for you this time!

Cryptonator’s Market Catch-Up

See what the Bitcoin and Altcoin markets have been up to this month, and get up to date onto the latest events in the industry.

Top 21 Coins To Watch

In our main feature – a 21 page analysis of the top 21 coins to watch for May – we see what’s hot and what’s not right now in the wonderful world of Cryptocurrency.

A Lesson With The Tutor

Lesson 7 in this excellent technical analysis series by the one and only CryptoTutor covers simple and moving averages.

Joe’s ICOs

This month Joe’s found a new ICO to investigate. Get your copy to learn more…

Blockchain & the immutable community: HODL!

A guest article by Dr Josh Cotton on the power of the community.

Florian’s Security Primer

Security is vital to Crypto. Discover Florian’s latest tips on how to secure your funds from all danger in another edition of the Security Primer.

Colleen’s Noob Journey

Check out Miss G’s latest thoughts, and find out what she’s exploring this month in another edition of the Noob Journey.

Missnatoshi’s Corner

The infamous Missnatoshi shares her thoughts on how to survive a bear market, investing in your own knowledge, and how to generally stay ahead of the game in the wonderful world of Crypto.


A guest article by Jen Hill, aka CryptoSister, where she shares her insights and explores the subject of women in blockchain and tech.

V’s Cryptothoughts: The Power Of Association

V shares some thoughts on the core principles of trading, how misplaced emotion can damage your chances at success, and how shifting focus to what your true goals are can remedy that issue.

21 Questions With…

Our new interview feature. This month we talk to Michael and George Weiksner, father and son team who have created Quarters, the revolutionary gaming token. We’ll be hearing how George finds life as a 12 year old CEO.

Comics by Coinsiglieri

To give you some light relief from all those facts and figures, we have a couple of pages of Crypto comics by the brilliant Coinsiglieri interspersed throughout the magazine.

Decentraladies Featurette

In this month’s edition from the talented Decentraladies, Iris interviews BitcoinBella and hears her take on the future of cryptocurrency, in ‘Iris Asks!’ We have the latest installment of Pamela’s Diary, where we learn of the big changes occuring in her life this month, and we hear Desiree’s take on all the recent bear market bickering in another edition of Crypto Culture.

Crypto Allstars

Check out your favourite pro traders and discover what each of them have chosen as their top 3 coin picks for May.

Bulldog’s Fundamental Analysis

In lesson 5 from the best fundamental analyst out there, we explore the tools you’ll need to employ to do your own excellent analyses. He also analyses Phore and gives you his conclusions on this up and coming project.

Beast’s Trading Dojo

We hear Beastlorion’s latest thoughts on trading, cryptocurrency, life, and everything – and what makes a successful trader in this industry.

The Coin Brief Featurette

In this month’s Coin Brief, Pamela conducts an AMA with Ontology, and after the questions finish, we get an in-depth analysis on this project from Burger.

Coin Event Calendar

Discover dozens of upcoming potential price-action coin events in May – such as partnerships, coin burns, announcements, conferences, and update launches.

That’s it for this issue, now go grab your copy HERE or subscribe for 25% discount and ALL 6 back issues HERE.

A Note To Our Readers On Advertisements

You may notice a few advertisements in our magazine. We’ve thought long and hard about whether to include them in, but we’ve unanimously decided that including adverts in 21Cryptos is the best thing for the future of this magazine. We’ve analysed multiple magazines in many industries (that was a fun day of shopping) and the standard magazine model contains around 120 pages of content and 30 pages of adverts.

Our core reason to include adverts is this: We’ll be able to take this project to the next level and provide the best content we possibly can – we can expand our staff tremendously, and source the best articles and create the best content this industry has seen. Also, we’re all very tired and need some sleep, so adverts = more money = more staff = we can work more normal hours so we make better decisions and can progress the magazine to be all it can be.

One thing to note – we vet all our ads extensively. While we will advertise, amongst other things, legitimate platforms that deal with ICOs, we will NOT be advertising ICOs ourselves.

If you’re a company reading this, or an individual who knows a company that may be interested in advertising, get in touch at [email protected].

Now, go get your copy and enjoy! May the trading odds be ever in your favour!

– All the best from the rapidly expanding 21Cryptos team

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